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Chatsworth, New Jersey ~ Capitol of the Pines

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"The more informed we are, the better decisions we make." Knowledge is POWER.

Attention All Residents....

"Have you noticed that for some time our little township has been seemingly stuck in the "business/politics as usual" rut?

Try to take an evening and go to a township meeting and watch how that "business" is conducted.

Once you do, you will see that it's clearly time for a change in the committee that governs this town.

So, for your consideration, there is a "new set of eyes" candidate on the horizon with a focus on doing business for all the residents of this town rather than the select few.

Wayne Morris, a resident of Chatsworth, is currently the Assistant OEM (Office of Emergency Management) representative, a member of Rolling Thunder and a member of the local Chatsworth Cranberry Festival Committee.

A man with social involvement on various levels allows him to be open minded and fair in his evaluations and assessments as to what the public wants, what they need and what is fair for all.

With his varied experience comes the "new set of eyes" to focus on the needs of the many, rather than personal needs or needs of a few select residents.

Our town needs a new increased focus on the things that are addressed for the good of all residents by three committee members but clearly currently steered by one.

There are procedures at municipal meetings that are voted into resolutions and then changed without cause and/or rationale. Funds of the public are being expended without being disclosed. The committee needs transparency to effectively governing for the people. There is none.

There are essential services at risk because of perceived malfeasance with the funds of the public or our tax dollars. We have a right to know how our money is being spent and why.

So if you want your elected officials to represent your thoughts and listen to suggestions; here is the chance for new blood to be introduced into the benign and stagnant local government we currently are experiencing.

Think about what happens when change is integrated and focus shifts.

We currently have three committee members and although it's not quantum physics, two votes outweigh one.

Consider Wayne Morris as your new set of eyes and vote for change. Because "business as usual" is only working for some of us and largely missing for the rest of us.

Thank you for your consideration and God Bless America."

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